Here I’ll be answering the Frequently Asked Questions, both professional and personal.



What is the best method to contact you?

Text me! I don’t take phone calls, ever.

If you’re looking to plan an overnighter, weekender or travel booking, please Email me with the details of your request.

When are you available?

You can find my availability here

Can you come to me?

Yes, I am available to visit your hotel or residency.

Melbourne & Tours: uber fair may apply depending on the distance.

International: Fly me to you! Email me to discuss.

Or…. come to me!

What do I need to bring?

A smile! 🙂

Some lovers like to bring alcoholic beverages. In that case, I encourage you to bring your preferred drink.

I enjoy sweet wines, sake and soju.

What will you wear?

Unless specified by you, I will usually be in my finest lingerie.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I have three forms of payment.

Cash: which is ideal and hassle-free.

Bank deposit via direct or netbanking: funds must be cleared before our session.

Credit card: I accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express payments. Please let me know if you’re planning to pay by Credit card. This method is usually used for extensions.

How much deposit do you require?

30 – 50%  is required. It shows your commitment and respect towards our session.

In reply, I’ll be committed to giving you the best deepthroat and naughtiest sex you oh so deserve 😉

What if we go under the time booked?

I’m a professional who has a solid reputation with a desire to provide the best experience possible so I won’t be short cutting you – ever.

If you’ve enjoyed yourself and choose to exit early, that OK too! However, no refunds will be given as we did decide on the duration prior to the session.

What if we go over the time booked?

Extension of our play session is welcomed, provided I am able to do so.

If we slightly go over our agreed time, please see it as a gift from me!

When will you visit (insert country here)?

You can find the cities and countries I tour here

Please note: I do receive large numbers of emails asking me to tour here and there so please watch out for my updates!!!

Do you have an age limit for clients?

I do not. However, keep in mind that my style is usually quite high powered, unless requested otherwise.

Do you see all races and all body sizes?

Yes!!! Time with me is a judgement free space. All backgrounds, all sizes and all ages are wholeheartedly welcomed.

Can you really deepthroat?

Imagine that.. “Australia’s Deepthroat Queen” who couldn’t deepthroat haha! Of course, I can!

Can you take any size for anal?

Yes, I offer a true XXX experience. I have years of “practice” haha.

However, if for any reason I feel uncomfortable, I will let you know.

On to that, I won’t take overly large random objects (dildos, glass bottles, etc) in my ass as I don’t find that pleasurable. I prefer the real thing 😉

Can you squirt?

Yes, but I don’t advertise it as its all UP TO YOU! Also when I squirt, I usually just pour.

Can I book you but not have sex?

Sure! The price doesn’t change, but I assure you a good time will be had! I’m engaging and enjoy entertaining my lovers any way I can.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable. 

I have a strict policy and take my time very seriously.

If I have to cancel, I will keep your deposit until I’m able to reschedule. I have always upheld ALL my deposits.

If you have to cancel, please give as much notice as possible and read below.

For Melbourne, I will keep your deposit until you are able to reschedule. However, if you have a habit of cancelling, your deposit will be void.

For Tours, depending on the amount of notice you’ve given me, I will reschedule you for the next date.

However, it all comes down to the nature of my tour and whether it sets me behind.

I have had the rare moment where an individual had put a deposit, disappeared and then returned 2 years later to ask me to uphold the deposit. In that case – a rebooking fee was asked. If you go missing without a word, I assume it’s a cancellation.

All last minute cancellations have a risk of incurring the loss of your deposit.



Can I take you out on a date?

Dinner dates are payable via bank deposit and can be found in my Experiences page.

I do not go out on unpaid dates, events, activities or even “catch up for coffee”.

How would you describe your ideal man?

Someone who pays a deposit promptly without any delay.

I feel really uncomfortable when people ask me this question as I know they’re trying to see if I would date them “outside”. Please don’t ask me this question!

What do you do outside of sex work?

I live a vanilla life, just like everyone. At the moment, I’m busy completing my double-degree and going for placement training. When I’m overseas, I’m ether relaxing under some palm trees with a martini in hand or getting wild and dancing the night away.

How can I become your friend?

You can follow my twitter @AriannyKoda or joining my Snapchat club (40usd or 50aud) which shows you my daily life, chat with me and enjoy the occasional XXX video. Contact me ariannykodaxxx@gmail.com for access.


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