Are you looking to spoil your pretty XXX companion on our date together? Or maybe you’re a fan who’d like to spoil me from afar?

Gifting is also a great way to “break the ice” if you’re feeling nervous before our rendezvous and want to make an extra great impression on me ~

Gifts are enjoyed but NOT compulsory, please don’t feel pressured to. This list is merely for lovers who want to.






For the extravagant lovers. Take me shopping before our date (absolutely clock free). I immensely enjoy shoe shopping and luxury brands shopping.

My favorite luxury brands are: Gucci, Vivienne West-wood, Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo.

Something different.



  Notable mentions

I have been gifted generously over the years by so many wonderful lovers and fans…Thank you so much.

I’m touched by all the support and have made it my duty to repay you with genuine appreciation and friendship.

If you don’t see your name on this list, don’t worry, this is just an example list of what I’ve been gifted.

Long-time lover, Quebly (who follows my twitter) noticed that I’m a ps3 gamer girl. So in style, I received this Custom designed ps3 controller! Complete with bullet buttons and cash hard case that lights up PINK. WOW.

My accommodation in Cairns 2015 ~ Thank you, “Rio”!

My accommodation in Los Angeles 2015 ~ Thank you, “Big daddy” Sean! Hope to return soon!

My vacation in Florida 2015 ~ Thank you, JJ! Don’t forget this mouth 😉

My vacation in Bali 2016 ~ Thank you, naughty naughty David!

My return trip to Japan 2016 and 2017 ~ Thank you, Craig! I look forward to finally meeting you!!

My return trip to Korea 2017 ~Thank you, long-time lover Lorax!

My love for books sent often from Fans who follow my twitter!

Last but not least, Sonny with a PSP console with all my childhood favourite PS1 games!!! Wow!