I have stopped advertising with the forum since 2014 as I felt that reviews only reflected a small part of my experiences. I believe that its best to tailor my lover’s experiences and not to hold myself to a mold that has been portrayed on the forums. However, I thank everyone who took the time to write me a review and keeping my name flawless. xx

Here are just some of my reviews from the Forums, for newest reviews scroll down to bottom.



MARK WATER ~ My first review as Arianny Koda


I spotted Arianny when she joined Punter Planet recently and my interest was focused by her part Japanese heritage paired with her suggestion of a full on performance.  Her details are:
Arianny Koda aka Kitty Arianny formerly Pickwood Lodge’s Kasumi, previously Melbourne based, now based in Sydney as an independent private escort, 20yo Australian raised Australian Japanese, size 8 to 10, many interesting tattoos, pierced and studded tongue, long golden brown hair, shaved, large natural breasts, natural oral where permissible by law, all services inclusive.
The other excitement about Arianny is her youth and her exuberance.  When we met, I was surprised to find that she was everything that she represented and promised, including being a bubbly, genuine twenty year old, that loves to fuck and to fuck and to fuck…..
Part of the joy of Arianny is that she is young, but also very experienced sexually and enjoys sex.  She has already packed much into her young (sex) life. She was introduced to sex early and has been in the sex industry for a couple of years, but still has limitless enthusiasm and dreams.  She even tried to pursue a career in porn.  She first worked striptease at Club X in Melbourne.  Next from 2010, she was Kasumi at Pickwood Lodge in Melbourne, receiving fifteen reviews in six months on the punting forum site operating at that time, before working with Paramour escort agency also in Melbourne.  Arianny is now based in Sydney, representing as Arianny Koda and has plans to eventually tour Australia.
Arianny’s body is divine.  The images on her profile were taken soon after our session and are unaltered. Her part Australian heritage means that she is not as stick thin as some Asian women, but she has a beautiful size eight to ten body that is gorgeous to be excited by and to excite.  Her visual beauty is enhanced by several elaborate and skillful tattoos.
When I met Arianny, she let loose her lustiness early and swiftly set the agenda for our session.  We initially sat for a chat and a glass of white wine, but the talk and white wine were ignored, as we locked limbs and lips on the couch, with barely a word spoken.
Arianny is very primal.  She first coaxes and then drags out the savage buried inside.  Initially through her lustiness, followed by teasing dirty talk with wanton, cajoling looks, and eventually by wrenching, cum soaked animal pants, urging both to go again and again, to exceed all limits, to overrun all boundaries. For the first time in a long time, Arianny attempted to make me go four rounds.
Arianny is a very exuberant performer.  Horny, insatiable, intense, wet and still excited about life.  This girl can’t get enough cock.  She loves cock in mouth or cock in pussy.  She has the deepest deep-throat imaginable and deep-throats without gagging.  Forget tonsils, Arianny takes the cock in deep, with sensual rubs past her studded tongue, past her tonsils and she keeps coming back for more.
Her pussy is almost as hungry for cock too.  And she gets wet. Even before the end of the second round the bed linen was soaked with a mixture of pussy juice, cum, sweat and white wine spilt in the frenzy to extract more fluids from each other.
Initially, I expected that with such heavenly oral skills, I would orgasm in her mouth once or twice, but her pussy kept beckoning for more and more thrusting action.  Even though having my cock down Arianny’s throat, is an intense and exhilarating feeling, having a cock in her throat gags Arianny from injecting encouraging dirty talk into the action.
Arianny’s dirty talk is a powerful stimulant, demanding to go deeper and stronger, making penetrative sex more intense and more required than oral sex.  I look forward to the day when Arianny’s deep-throating can be taken to completion.
Even with Arianny’s wake the dead oral skills, all climaxes were delivered in some form of penetrative sex, usually in her preferred doggy position, accompanied by much deep thrusting and deep pumping.  The mouth to pussy and mouth to cock of sixty nine. often rotated into missionary, then into cowgirl before flipping into doggy.  The action had occasional hand pinning and breath play, flirting with the possibilities of submission.
Sex with Arianny is like there is no tomorrow.  No slow, languid gossamer sex with Arianny.  Set the volume at eleven, put the pedal to the floor and smell that rubber burning.
Adding to the beauty of thrusting into Arianny or to sliding beneath her, or to have her hovering above, is the splendour of her many tattoos.  Her inkings are all monochrome and mostly Japanese originals.
She currently has a big dragon on her back, small serpent above her heel, larger serpentish dragon on her upper thigh and floral inspired details on her side.  The tattoos pair well with her pierced and studded tongue.  The combination characterises the strength and conviction of this interesting young dynamo.
The primal aspect of Arianny is exhilarating.  Thrusting desires and thoughts of submission and domination into contorting possibilities.  Something to be explored with Arianny in future.


Posted 12 May 2012 – 01:43 AM

I arranged to see Arianny about 2 hrs earlier after seeing her photos on PG and taking a chance she was the girl in the photos. When she answered the door I was very surprised and impressed it was definitely the same girl. She has an exotic look and is very sexy with those cum fuck me eyes. We went to the room and she did a quick check which is always good as it usually means the girl is safe. I had a shower and came out to her lying on the bed. We started to kiss which turned into DFK and then quickly she told me to kneel as she started a noisy and deep BBBJ, Arianny knows what to do and seems to really enjoy it. This went on for a while and then we went to the old favourite 69, she likes her clit sucked and sucked and ….she is insatiable with her sucking and being sucked a genuine horny girl wanting to please and be pleased. After a while she rolled onto her back and I did some more intense DATY with a few instructions as to exactly where to lick/suck her pussy. I then recieved some more BBBJ before she applied a ‘little rubber thingy on my john thomas’ (monty python fans will get this). She told me to stand up and fuck her from behind which I started to with her saying to go harder and faster and deeper, I was going hard and deep and she still wanted more so I upped the pace again which she appreciated and let out a few more moans and groans. I kept fucking her and she was taking it like she couldn’t get enough! I recommend having a can of red bull or two before you see this horny lady. After what seemed like a long time and and after nearly cramping up from the pounding I was giving her she turned around and told me to lie on the bed. Inbetween changing doms she gave me another great BBBJ before riding me in CG and really grinding and going off. We then went to mish where I again fucked her as hard as I could ‘at her request of course’ until I could feel the climax arriving to which I pulled off the dom and blew all over her stomach, much to Ariannys approval. We collapsed and laughed at how at one point a drop of my sweat went in her eye as we paused to check it didn’t sting too much, oops sorry but this was a real work out and it’s impossible to not get hot. We talked about a few things at the end with one being the reason for her name is from one of the UFC ring girls, she is interesting and fun to talk to and has done a lot of stuff in a short time. I would recommend her if your fitness level is at least at the level of walking for 10km or running for 2-3km and you haven’t had recent surgery:DThanks for a great time Arianny x


Posted 15 June 2012 – 09:27 PM

Arianny Koda is a great looking girl whose level of exoticism can only be matched by her vigour and diligence to please. To put in other words – this girl fucks like crazy!
Lets begin with our encounter…. we began with chatter and you can tell straight away that although this girl is still a youngun, her life experiences are simply mesmerising, to top it off, she has these alluring eyes, a product of her exotic heritage! they were innocent and cute but when lit with passion turn into candid revvers of primal aggression…
She allowed for DATY and she was so responsive. We took out the toy and we went for it… I was gently thrusting the vibrating machine and then lashing her clit with my soft moist tongue. It soon became too much for the dynamo to handle and she blew… so hard that she had to take a quick shower.
Conversation ensued but before I knew it, we were 69ing. Her deep throat is simply amazing! It became too much for me to BARE and I flipped the girl around and I went for it like an athlete pushing for those final yards. The view from behind is entrancing, her porcelain like skin had been inked up with, what can only be described as a mystical dragon, with the sweat that was gleaming off it, it was just another element which turned the man into the beast. To top it off, she kept looking back with her big eyes, prompting me to go harder. The rest as they say is history.
Arianny is a young girl with a fascinating background, she makes for good conversations and excellent bed play. Once again, I’m new to this but this is an element which endears me. Her youthful exuberance combined with her insatiable sexual drive makes this all the better.


Posted 25 May 2012 – 09:00 PM

2 days ago i booked my first private escort after previously just being a parlor guy. I booked Arianny after reading some of the reviews here and being  intrigued with her service ie deep throat queen. All the bookings, calls and txting was seemless, no problems- i was a litte early which she didnt mind and i appreciated not asking me to come back in 10. After the prelim health check ( thorough, good to know) and shower it was down to business. AK already had a hot cuppa tea going so the offer of hot BBBJ was accepted- very nice, incredible actually, and yes DEEP, think face squashed into abdomen no apparent gagging and happy for CIM, tho no swallow (listerine brother):)After a bit of rest chit chat, she’s very pleasant it was time to get him going again (BBBJ) then some throat fucking (she initiated) for a minute or 2 with breathing stops followed by some vag action, doggy first , she loving being pounded. Tried a bit of spanish then finished up in mish with a solid thumping.
Still had a little time left over so she read me my Japanese horoscope- bonus!
All in all a great punt, well worth it, just keep the kettle boiling boys!
Thanks Arianny



Posted 15 May 2012 – 04:26 PM

Was bored yesterday and feeling a little horny so fired up my two favourite web sites (PG and PP) to look for some prospects. Found Arianny’s web page on PG and she looked like the sort of young, bad girl that I like – to give you an idea, some quotes from her PG web page …
“I’m a cheeky bugger with a reputation (and a promise!) of MIND-BLOWING deep throat blowjobs!” “Here is your chance with your own submissive horny wet 20year old dirty geisha slut!” “Role play – ENQUIRE beforehand!  Tip. I play best as a innocent schoolgirl! “Dirty geisha BBBJ – Deep throat PRO -testicular licking – gagging
Sounded too good to be true so did a quick check on PP and saw some very happy reviews from punters in the Eastern states, so time to see if I can get a booking. A quick call and an hour later, I was knocking on her hotel door, worked like clockwork.
1st impressions very nice, good schoolgirl uniform & heels, tongue stud, LOTS of tatts and CHEEKY. I won’t go into too much detail over the sex but suffice to say that everything on the web page and the previous reviews was legit – an honest service, happily delivered and she can talk dirty, deepthroat cock and gag like a Pro. COF in front of the mirror was HOT.
I did cop a 6″ stiletto to the side of the head at one point when she was trying to insert several things (including me) into various orifices at the same time and she got a litle disoriented I think, total mistake and she was very apologetic, I nearly fell off the bed laughing but now have a bruise!
Definitely recommended.


Posted 25 August 2012 – 10:34 AM

The toilet seat cover was broken … … split in half diagonally … I didnt need an explanation – I just smiled to myself as I turned on the shower.
She walked in to the bathroom – saw the smile on my face, the diagonally cracked toilet seat and (in her most matter of fact manner) clarified (as I had suspected) that it was the result of an exuberant session with some punter earlier in the day. At this point, I was just 10 minutes into our booking but i had eaten her pussy to her first orgasm and blown my load down her gorgeous throat in what can only be described as a rapid frenzy of desperate face-fucking, DATY, (mutual) hair-pulling and ravenous DFK… we had exchanged only little more than a “Hi” up until this stage.
Out of the shower andI step into the bedroom. She is now lying on the bed … her face is flushed … her fingers are slowly rubbing her pussy … her breathing is heavy … and she appears to be coming down from another orgasm! I was gone for no more than two minutes! How the hell did that happen!?!
She reaches out for my cock and the next hour is spent pleasuring each other orally.  Now – when you are giving (or receiving) fantastic oral it is generally a combination of slowing down / speeding up to suit your partners desire and looking / feeling for signs and hints from your partner to help guide you… when everything is humming it’s a bit like a racy, heart-stopping afternoon in a classic Porsche 911 down the Amalfi coast…
… … well this was different.
Let me paint a picture for you …
On  October 15, 1997 a former British RAF pilot Andy Green set the fastest land speed recorded at Black Rock Desert, Nevada.  It must have been exhilarating doing a straight-line speed  of 763 mph … to those who want a more technical explanation … that’s bloody fast … like supersonic fast.  The machine used was the aptly named ThrustSSC.
… well I just spent three hours with ThrustSSC Mk2. That’s the lovely Ms Koda in a nutshell – fast, unrelenting, only one gear (err.. the top one), incredible straight-line speed and a serious amount of “Thrust” packed into that little frame.  No winding roads down the Amalfi coast, no shifting gears, no caressing the side of the mountain… … … Why bother when you can just go fast, furious and straight through the fucking mountain!
She has these great eyes and a killer blowjob face – how is a guy supposed to hold his load when she’s kneeling below you, cock buried deep down her throat and she has that horny glint in her eye (oh mercy)…
She is flexible and enjoys sex in all of it’s various flavours just as long as it’s respectful.  Boundaries were pushed … but respectfully … she likes things raunchy and aggressive … but she will need to trust you first … to paraphrase the woman – if she knows that you are not doing it to degrade her but to pleasure her (and she found what you were doing pleasurable in the first place) then she would definitely be up for it – she is incredibly open as a partner and very willing to please.
To tell you the truth, I was not in a good place in my head as I walked in to that booking.  I had allowed myself to get emotionally too far down the road (in my own head) with someone knowing that it was never going to work.  I needed a reset – some perspective … and she did it for me … she just didn’t know it.  I laugh no when i think back on it because it felt like something out of that scene in Moonstruck where Cher slaps Nicholas Cage across the face and tells him (with all of the new-york italian exasperation she can manage) … to “snap out of it!”.  Well, that’s what that evening with Arianny did for me … except that unlike Nic Cage’s character, I HAVE snapped out of it thanks in large part to Ms Koda … and the sex before was way more debauched:-)
This Eurasian pleasure machine was everything I wanted that evening … and to boot … she is a really sweet person.  Very friendly, chatty and funny once the nuclear “lust bomb” has finally exploded and we are bathing in its radioactive love dust… (that’s code for “once Arianny has got her rocks off”).
It’s no surprise that Arianny keeps rabbits (among other creatures) as pets – they certainly have made an impression on her … nothing else would explain this insatiable nymphs ability to keep going.


Posted 20 July 2012 – 08:00 PM

Had my eye on this girl since her profile pic appeared on pp but after but after a bad experiance with Ines last year i decided to stick with parlours but after reading Arianny’s glowing reviews from my fellow punters then reading her reviews as kumi in her parlours day i decided to gamble on an independant again.
The booking was easy enough sent an sms and got a prompt reply. On my way to the booking thier was a delay with my taxi so i ran a little late i sent Arianny a text and she replied saying thier was no need to rush as she had a 90 minute break between me and her next client so we could easily make up the time.
When i arrived at the hotel i was greeted by Arianny in the costume i asked her to wear and she looked absolutely stunning, needless to say Ariannny is the girl on the photos no photo-shop no retouching needed. She has an amazing curvy size 10 body with beautifully placed body art and these ‘come fuck me eyes’ which complete her pornstar look.
Arianny performed a quick health check, i hoped in the shower and came out to find her lying on the bed with her head hanging over the bed she signaled me to come over and took my cock into her mouth. i became insatntly hard. Its been said in other reviews repeatedly but Arainny does have the most amazing deepthroat ive ever seen she took my cock to completion without gagging, as i began to face fuck her i had this sensation that i was in my own little porn movie the way she does oral with her deepthroat, ball sucking, spitting and just the shear intensity she sucks cock. The style just reminded me of pornstars such as London keyes (who i personally think arianny looks a little alike) and asa akira.
This went on for while until i pulled ariannt up for some dfk and the began to finger her pussy and ass at the same time she seemded to enjoy this and then repositioned herself for more oral while i played with her pussy and ass.
When it came to the sex ariannys intensity is at full throttle lol-we began in doggy and i pounded her as hard as i could,i consider myself a prertty fit guy so i tried to out gun arianny with the insensity but she was having none of that every time i tried to go harder she just up the paced. after a while i needed a little breather so we moved into missionay and slowed the pace up a bit. (guys who book her in the future heed CantgetenoughofE! words-have a couple of red bulls before seeing this girl)
During a short break i mentioned to Arianny how i was disappointed that she wouldnt be in sydney in august has i wanted to book her as bday present for myself, so when we started up again while she was preforming oral on me arianny said she would like to give me a early bday present ……ANAL…i seriously couldnt believe what i heard. We moved into her fav position of doggy applied some lube and then i inserted my cock into Ariannys tight little asshole. It was amazing (BEST FUCKING BDAY PRESENT EVER TY ARIANNY) we started off slowly and then began to quicken the pace once that happended it didnt take long for me to climax.
Had another break and we chatted, i found arianny really easy to talk to she has many varied interests and is quite cheeky and witty which i really enjoyed. Talking with Arainny was almost as enjoyable as fucking her…….almost.
The rest of the session is a bit of a blur after the anal lol, we did alot more oral we fucked on the bed, standing up on the hotel couch and then we moved into the shower for some more fucking and titty fucking.
This has by far been my best punt to date in my punting career ad the best thing about arianny besides her crazy hardcore fucking, amazing deepthroat, cheeky personality and her stunning looks was the fact that when i walked through the door she sensed that i was nervous (i have a tendacy to get a little shy or nervous before a punt) and she didnt draw any attention to it she just allowed me to naturally ease myself to the situation and then be comfortable with thte situation. Which to me shows more pofessionalism and maturity beyond age.
The only problem with Arianny is that i have to wait 4 weeks until i can book her again as shes on a break:(


Michael – emailed review

"Arianny is the most beautiful, sexy, slutty, edgy, fun and sweet girl I have ever been with. None of the awkward greeting at the door, this firecracker is right into it and has my cock in her mouth within seconds and it never let up after that.
She does it all and has the ability to judge what her companion wants with a series of low key questions which picks up on my answers and gets to the bottom of what I want, which today was a pornstar experience.
She has a beautiful hour glass figure with hot tattoos and a face of a slutty angel, she is gorgeous and prettier than her photos.
The sex was hot and I was in a lathe of sweat, cum and her delicious juices. She also quenched my thirst in several ways. She is interested in fetish and was at home with my suggestions and made a few of her own which made me sure to visit again.
Warning she likes to be pounded hard and it is a struggle to keep it up to her! I am preparing myself and in training for our next encounter.
She is also sweet and smart and has a  gentle personality when it is time for something softer. 
I can't recommend her more highly"



Posted 01 October 2012 – 10:47 PM

I’m gonna keep this short and brutal, because that’s how it was. I only booked a 30 mins sesh coz I needed a BJ. Not just any BJ, but a mother of all BJs. Reading her reviews, apparently that’s the service she offers.
I got to the door, she opened it, said hi, and the next thing I know is I had my cock down her throat. From nice and slow suck first, with hot tea all over my knob, to fast and furious suck. She sucked me doggy style, mish, sideways, upside down, lying on her back with head hanging over the edge of the bed, 45 degree angle … you name it. She kept taking my cock all the way in including my balls. I fucked her face as hard as I could, balls bouncing off her chin or nose depending on the position. She took it like a champion, gagged only once. She even said it: “Hihi, you made me gag”
When I was about to cum, she didn’t let me, she kept holding me not to blow yet. Orgasm was building hard. Eventually, she sucked me doggy style and I blew the largest load I ever have. It was so intense that it left me gasping for air. My heart was pounding so heavy that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I wouldn’t mind going like that one day to be honest.
I had a quick wash, and layed down next to her. She curled up around me and we had a cuddle. I was exhausted, weak at my knees. Eventually I got my shit together and  left.
In all my years of punting, I’ve always been searching for that porn style BJ with an absolute babe where everything goes. I finally met my match. I can safely say that I won’t get a better BJ ever again, unless done by AK. In fact, I’ll put a bet on that.
The End

Stark Nekkid

Posted 02 October 2012 – 06:49 PM

Kitty kitty kitty. Naughty Kitty.
I contacted Miss Arianny Koda through the PP PM feature after noticing her ad. I liked her kinky vibe. She responded straight away and we set a date. Now it wouldn’t do this service justice without being at least a little graphic.
When I arrived at her apartment this morning I was greeted by the sexy self proclaimed slut, dressed in a very sexy school girl outfit. She has some nice body art which i like, and an exotic multicultural eurasian look. There was no mucking about and before I knew it I was eating her delicious tasty pussy and she deep throated my girth. Tricky thing had some hot liquid in her mouth which she spat onto my cock. She managed to engulf the whole lot. Quite talented. I do love when a lady spits and talks dirty (obviously all ladies have different personalities… and I prefer variety). This continued for a while in 69 etc til she pulled out a beaded cock ring and we commenced the fucking. In doggy she encouraged me to slap her arse and she shook that juicy butt of hers furiously until I couldn’t hold it any more.
We then had a brief breather, while we shared a champagne breakfast. She gave me a nice oily massage and rubbed her nice naturals on me then pulled out one of her vibrating toys and started to pleasure herself whilst I licked her pussy and ate out her arsehole. She loved that. She is demanding, but I like to do as I’m told. I continued to feast until she came, and then feasted some more until old mate was finally back up to the task again. We fucked furiously until we both collapsed into a shag pile.
I enjoyed Kitty’s company very much. She is genuinely naughty and nice. It’s so nice to meet such a variety of personality types and girls which offer such different sex styles through this hobby. Truly rewarding. What a way to start the day. :::)


Posted Yesterday, 03:01 PM

Arianny Koda is a sex kitten. She embodies the term wholly, being at once playful, kinky, creative, mercurial, tender, skillful and girly. She is less classically passionate as she is hungry to be used hard and fast. Her libido is phenomenal for someone barely out of her teens (or it may be due to this). A punter walking into her lair unaware of these facts will be well and truly fucked.
It seemed to me that Arianny had burst onto the scene a few months ago touting an intriguing service. This was quickly followed by a number of decent reviews. By the time I’d made up my mind to see her, she’d announced a hiatus to travel to Europe and the Americas. I placed her out of my mind until she announced on PP that she would be visiting my state capital. I contacted Arianny shortly after her announcement.
Communication with her via text message is quick and hassle-free. I suppose it helps when you are clear, polite and patient. I had booked a two-hour PSE session, which she calls the Dirrrrty Geisha (I might have missed an “r” or two). It would be my first one, as this type of session held little appeal to me in the past. Most of my encounters are of the more sedate GFE/dinner date type. However, I couldn’t pass up the chance this time with this lady. I figured that anything short of the Dirrrrty Geisha with her would be like riding a F1 racing car around the Melbourne Grand Prix circuit, but sticking to the 60 speed limit.
The appointment wouldn’t take place for a few weeks so it gave me the opportunity to explore her new website. It had the requisite information we come to expect from WLs. This one, however, had a manifesto of sorts, describing her history and featuring her regular postings. It gives one insight into her mind, I think, and I invite you to visit, if you haven’t already.
My appointment wasn’t for the late afternoon. Closer to the day, she sent me details of her incall. It was located centrally and had ample parking. On receiving her room number, I was up like a shot and knocking on her door in no time.
Arianny answered the door dressed in white lingerie, high-heeled shoes and with a ready, genuine smile. The pictures of her on her site and on PP are genuine. Your eye is immediately drawn to her ink, of which she has several. I liked the one on her back best of all. She says that it was done by an old Japanese tattoo artist who had since passed away. Her thong consisted mostly of pearls, which disappeared into the crack of her ass.
She ushered me into the lounge room and we got to chatting. We shared a selection of some chocolates I had brought along, but I declined a glass of sparkling wine that Arianny had offered. In the space of a few minutes, her kisses became more insistent, her cheekiness became more unbridled and her language more direct. “Do you like to be naughty?” quickly transitioned into “Take a peek at my ass” and “How do you like to fuck?” I hadn’t even gotten my coat off!
It was apparent that things were moving quickly. I hopped into the shower while Arianny prepared a surprise for me. After emerging from the bathroom, I was not two steps into the bedroom when Arianny pounced. She dropped to her knees, yanked the towel off my waist and enveloped me into her mouth. In and of itself, there’s nothing surprising about that (except maybe for the speed and vigour with which she attacked), if is weren’t for the fact that she sneakily held some liquid in her oral cavity. As she engulfed me, the sensations offered by the liquid, her swirling tongue and her tongue stud on the cock head and shaft are incredible!
Arianny is unafraid to make a mess. She uses spit and fluid to great effect. She is skilled in interpreting subtle signals and is able to change pitch, pace and position at a dime. The way she catches your eyes while you use her hair to guide her to engulf you whole is not to be missed.
We changed positions a few times to engage in DATY, 69 and toy play. She is as agile as a cat. From one position — her head hanging down the side of the bed with me thrusting into her mouth while squeezing her tips and twisting her nipples — to another — her ass up in the air with her on all fours — occurred in the space of a heartbeat. I don’t even remember her putting on the dom, to be honest, because of the fluid nature of her movements. I spent a few minutes taking her from behind, then in missionary position. I couldn’t pass up the chance to cum in her mouth, though. When it did happen, I deposited one of the biggest loads in a long time. I think the force of my orgasm and the amount of my ejaculate surprised the both of us, too.
I was spent. There was no way I was recovering from that. We spent the time laughing and giggling while sharing personal stories of ourselves.
Arianny is thoroughly professional and I would commend her service to anyone.
Some tips: Arianny likes girly things, but also guns, UFC and travel. She adores the colour pink and loves chocolate. She has a slight wiggle in her hips when she walks around in public primarily due to the butt plug she wears under her clothes. This means that she is in a constant state of sexual arousal. She purrs magnificently



Friendly Voyager – revisted 2 and a half  years later:)

 Posted 20 October 2012 – 11:11 PM

This is a punt with a bit of history!

I first met Arriany back when she was 18 year old parlour girl Kasumi, working in Pickwood Lodge back in early 2010. I was one of her first clients, and I wrote her first review, now posted on her website.

Kasumi was a very desirable young sex kitten back then, and despite her youth her level of service was excellent.

We had a few gratifyingly raunchy bookings back then, then, for reasons Arriany explains on her website, she disappeared.

Fast forward to April 2012 and I receive a message from Arianny Koda, introducing herself as the rebranded Kasumi. She now has her own website, and is a high class escort based in Sydney. Why was I not surprised?

To describe her, Arriany is very much an Aussie girl, born and brought up in Melbourne, product of a French father and Japanese mother. She has a lovely body, adorned with artistic tatts that for me add to the eroticism of an encounger. But due to Arriany’s generosity with her face and body in the public domain, there is no reason to describe too much!
She was a bit above my usual price range, but I have fond memories, and I decided to see her when she next made it to Melbourne.

This finally came true last week.

Arianny is now 21. She is slightly slimmer, more beautiful in some ways, but still the young sex kitten I knew her at 18.

We started with how we started years ago, with a some lovely deep kissing. Kaumi was very good at it, and so is Arianny. At my request he stuck her tongue down my throat.

She was soon sucking my cock, going at it deep and sensually, at my request paying some nice attention to my balls. We went at it in various positions, including myself standing by the bed and moving vigorously in and out of her sexy young throat. We went into 69 for a bit, Arriany deep throating me as I sucked on her clit and fingered her wet young pussy. This was so nice I was happy to let it go on for some time.

We started the sex in missionary, slowly at first due to my old age, but building up the pace was we got into it. It was fun pinning her down by the hair as I thumped into her, deep kissing her for a bit, pushing her legs up and fucking into her.

We did cowgirl both ways, slapping her arse as she ground and thumped me, riding me with passion and enthusiasm.

Doggy was pretty good too, as she encouraged me to go at her hard, something I was very happy to do. We took breaks for some lovely wet oral, then went back into it again, going through the positions.

Time moved on, and nothing lasts forever. I enjoyed her oral so much that I told her that is how I wanted to finish, a request she was more than willing to spectacularly fulfil.

We had some time for a nice chat at the end, comparing notes about what we had been up to for the last two and a half years.

For fans of both youth and PSE, as I am, Arriany is a lovely combination of both – raunchy and very willing to please, more than willing to have her boundaries pushed and tested. She says she enjoys to have the man take control, and using her for one’s pleasure in this way can  yield some pleasingly raunchy results. This includes a few things not quite fit for an open forum. But Arriany is no passive fuck toy – she is a skilled and uninhibited young woman, a delight to grab hold of and fuck.

Thanks Arriany! The two and a half year wait was worth it.


Friendly Voyager – My first review EVER. Kasumi 2010

Posted 23 October 2010 – 03:58 PM

Another re-posted review.
1 April, 2010
Pickwood Lodge
It seems Kasumi is no longer around. A pity as in most ways she was a great young WL. She gave terrific service the two bookings I had with her, and I can only think of her fondly and say good things about her.
Good luck Kasumi, wherever you are.
. I found a very enticing post from Kasumi on the Pickwood Lodge thread Wednesday.
She was brand new to the industry she said, 18 years old and working at Pickwood for only a couple of weeks. She offered “a good selection of services & only ask that you walk out with a big smile”.
I PMed her immediately and she replied that yes, DFK, DATY and a few other things definitely were on the menu, and she would be starting her shift at Pickwood 6.00 pm the following day, Thursday.
I was there on the dot.
Kasumi tells me she is the product of a French mother and a Japanese father, but she was born and brought in Melbourne and her accent and mannerisms reveal her as an Aussie girl through and through. The picture in her avatar gives a good idea of what she looks like.
She is medium height with long brown hair, has lovely largish young breasts, and both her European and Japanese heritages are visible in her pretty round face and light brown eyes. She is curvy, sporting a bit of teenage puppy fat as many girls her age do, but she wears it well and it suites the spunky sex kitten sexuality that she successfully eludes. When I met her she was wearing some nice sexy black lingerie that revealed a fair bit of her lovely thighs and body. She greeted me with a deep and sensual kiss.
When she returned after my shower she immediately started kissing me, deeply and sensually. She took a few condoms out of the packets and left them on top of their packets, to save time later she told me. Quite a good idea as it turns out! We were soon on the bed, our hands exploring each other. Naked I was pleased to discover a variety of tatts in various parts of her body that suit her very well and added to the eroticism of our encounter. I went down on her for a bit, and as her first client for the evening I had the pleasure of enjoying the lovely natural womanly taste of a fresh wet pussy. I also encountered a clit ring, which made metallic sounds on my teeth as I sucked on it.
She started some oral, sensual, deep. Her deep-throat skills are very impressive, especially for a younger girl in the industry only a few weeks. I put some fingers inside her and explored her pussy as she went at it.
She went down and started licking my balls, sucking on them with her sweet young lips. She sucked my cock in a variety of positions, sitting and lying down and standing, then we went for some 69. The effect was enhanced by the full length mirror on the ceiling. We did 69 both ways, her on top, then me, then some more standing oral. Kasumi may be new to the industry, but despite her tender years it is very clear she is absolutely not new to sex!
At last it was time for the main course. We started in doggy and she insisted I fuck her hard. It was then that I discovered that Kasumi enjoys the pleasures of quite eloquent dirty talk, urging me to go at her harder and deeper in some very colloquial terms. I held her by her hair and slapped her arse as we went at it, which she seemed to enjoy.
We moved into various positions of missionary, first slower accompanied by sensuous kissing, then going at it hard and raunchy, her legs and body in various positions. Then there was cowgirl for a bit, during which she proved very energetic in a variety of variations, leaning forward and kissing me, then leaning sharply backwards to produce some nice visuals of my cock going in and out of her sweet shaved pussy.
We moved through the different positions a few times as we fucked through the hour, stopping for the occasional break, some more oral and changes of condom. Kasumi says she likes the man to take control, and most of the booking she proved it. She enjoyed having me pull her body around into different positions to fuck her in. At her suggestion we fucked for a while on the floor, first in doggy then in missionary, pinning her down by her hands.
We chatted for a bit after we had finished. She told me of her hopes of getting into porn, of future services she may be offering.
We showered together, kissing as we did so, and I enjoyed the last opportunity to explore her body with my hands.
All in all, a lovely punt with a very sexy young girl who knows how to give a superb full-on and unconstrained service. New to the industry or not, Kasumi clearly loves her work and it shows, as she agreed when I put it to her.
“I was born for this industry,” she informed me.
I know tastes vary. But for gentlemen whose taste may include a spunky 18 year old girl who says she was born for the sex industry, kisses like a crackling live wire, provides great deep-throat oral and gorgeous sensuous balls licking as well as unconstrained and raunchy fucking in pretty well any way you want, (as well as a few things I have not mentioned) all combined with a very pleasant and encouraging manner and good conversation, you may consider paying her a visit.
Thanks so much Kasumi! I promise not to be a stranger



Arianny claims to be a high energy geisha schoolgirl. With Japanese and French parents and brought up in Australia she looks Japanese but has a curvy figure and speaks fluent english. Prior research indicated that this girl is high energy and sexually demanding.
After initial formalities and shower I returned to observe a naked Arianny pleasuring herself with “thumper”. Arianny said she was just warming up. I asked her whats that thing protruding under thumper. She said “its my erect clit”. It was quite large and was erect as she claimed. That set the tone for the encounter. Arianny likes to dominate and wants pounding hard. If you dont go hard or slow down she tells you to pick up the speed. Arianny isnt afraid to tell you what she wants and really gets into it. Being very flexible she often changed positions to increase her own pleasure.
Arianny is a sexually charged geisha schoolgirl who genuinely likes sex. I asked her what she does outside this business and she said “fuck”. That just about sums her up. With great looks and a sexy curvy body she has a nice personality to match. The complete package and well worth a visit if you can keep up


Posted 29 October 2012 – 10:54 AM
This may be a bit long, but bear with me :-) .  I had the most wonderful experience of completely realizing my asian fantasy with the INCREDIBLE (and yes the caps are deserved) Miss Arianny Koda.  Where do I start?? I have always had a penchant for sexy Asian women, but I may be an oddity and just love to make life difficult, but I love Asian girls with round, bubble butts and hourglass hips, not an easy order to fill.Imagine my giddy, ridiculous happiness when I slapped eyes on Arianny’s profile and website.  One look at this amazingly hot Japanese/French but all Aussie hottie had my complete attention.  After reading her reviews it seemed I had found my kinky match to a tee.  Seriously, if I had the powers of creation and conjured up a vision of my perfect Asian, PSE, deepthroating, fuck toy … abracadabra … Poof!!! Out would pop Arianny.One fortunate night on the PP forum allowed me to get her into private chat and wham bam .. a booking was sorted.  The next few weeks was pure anticipatory torture, during which we got to know each other better through emails and the chat room.Finally the night of our meeting arrived.  I get ready and bound off to meet her, white wine in hand.  On arriving at her hotel I send her a text to say I’m there, took a seat and waited for her to come down.  She texted me to meet her in front of the elevators.  Each opening of elevator doors was greeted with disappointment as random folks stepped out.  Finally, the correct doors open and standing there in this absolutely amazing figure hugging, cleavage revealing dress was my Asian goddess.  High heels, her dress hugging that amazing ass, hips for days and her thigh tattoo teasingly visible.I was stunned for a few seconds but was snapped back to reality with a jovial “Hi babe …” from Arianny.  Senses returned I stepped into the elevator where we greeted each other with a soft kiss on the lips.  By now McJohnson in my pants was at full salute with the promise of things to come.We stepped into the suite, where she led me into her bedroom and we kissed again, her tongue stud teasing my tongue.  I couldn’t help but gently pull her in to taste her more completely and to feel the entirety of her curvaceous body.  I gently pulled up her dress and cupped her sweet ass in my hands.  She stepped back with a teasing grin and stepped forward and undid my pants.  She gave me the hottest of examinations, smiled her approval at my now engorged cock and swivelled around revealing her sweet, glistening wet pussy and  crystal buttplug firmly in place.  I reached in for my first taste of her gorgeous pussy, which was greeted with a pleasant giggle and sweet moans as my tongue explored her.  She was absolutely sweet tasting … She ushered me sweetly into the prepared shower and told me she had a surprise for me when I returned.On returning to the room, bathrobe in place.  There she was in a hot plaid mini skirt and a sexy bra.  She motioned me to the edge of the bed, placed me in handcuffs and a blindfold and started her prep.  As I waited in silence I twitched as she gently kissed my chest and bit my nipples gently.  After some sensual kissing she gently stroked my cock.  Now … what comes next can only be described as an Arianny mind fuck special!!! She raised my cock to her mouth and with the sexiest slurping sound engulfed the head in her mouth.  The surprise was the hot bang of tea in her mouth, the sensation was explosive and my cock hardened to unbelievable levels.  She playfully spat the tea on my shaft and the feeling of the warm tea over McJohnson and sons was unbefrickenlievable!Let me say, that in my life I have had blow jobs, a few I could describe as mind blowing.  Well Arianny has created a new level … which I shall simply call taking it to the level of Koda!! Dear sweet heavens, feeling my cock move from the openness of her warm mouth to the tightness of her throat was almost spiritual.  She removed my blindfold and there she was, those big sexy eyes looking up at me, my cock filling her mouth.  Now .. I m not a small guy, not freakish huge by any means, but definitely ample, she smiled and swallowed me whole, her tongue licking my balls as her lips suckled the base of my cock.  Couple that with the spit, the incredibly perfect hands and the rapid flicking of her tongue up and down the shaft … well .. the picture is painted.  Blowjob QUEEN … arguments over.  You will NEVER view a porno again with anything other than disappointment.  Arianny has made fantasy irrelevant and reality the victor.After massive attention by Arianny and her oral skills, we proceed to stage 2.  Now this is where I will hold back jussst a little as I feel this is hard to describe, and even as a cunning linguist :-)  there’s no way I can describe what fucking this lady is like appropriately.  So let me say this, boys, get your Wheaties, get your weetbix and mix that shit with redbull and vodka as Arianny is in a word, insatiable.  After much fucking, punctuated by three breaks to catch my breath, in every position imaginable, we settled into what I will describe as Arianny’s weakness, which for good measure I will not reveal as trust me she loved it and I don’t think she wants this as general knowledge! Go and figure that little gem out for yourselves!! I happily grabbed that trick out of my little bag of tricks when the steam levels were running low, yes, she is that energetic!!! That little trick took her over the line so hard she literally curled into a sexy, sensitive giggling ball of satisfaction.  Add to that, was that right before I got her over the line I exploded a massive load (her words) into her mouth, which to this day other than the tingling all over, I still haven’t seen :-)   Every drop swallowed!! Amazing.Well, we talked, laughed, she ate dinner, we drank wine, talked about life like two normal friends.  She is a lady of many levels guys and all levels are worth exploring.  She may be only 21 but she is an old soul and bless her for it.  Her beauty is matched by a witty intellect and the ability for natural conversation.  So yeah … take care and respect her :-) .After a looong time I could see she was getting sleepy and I mentioned as much.  Heh heh, her response was, she isn’t finished with me yet.  Now maybe after you’ve gone through the intense PSE debauchery, followed by an extended acquaintancing and getting comfortable, somewhere the experience went to intense fuck buddy :-) This …. I loved!!! As we talked on her couch, she was running her little fingers along the outside of my jocks, her tickling waking McJohnson from his hibernation.  Once she identified the rising commotion she gently released my cock and began a sensual blowjob, interspersed with her deep throat talents a pairing that felt so natural it was scary.  I forgot that I was in a booking or a while, it was that good, she is that good.  She smiled, looked at me with those big, beautiful anime eyes and said, babe, I wanna fuck.  What followed next was the most intense, pussy clenching, multiple position, eye rolling fuck session for the night.  We matched our paces perfectly, my slower more tantric technique, punctuated with nitrous oxide bursts of insane pussy pounding that had her screaming for more.  Suffice to say, my asian goddess extracted another load out of me and we were both well and truly SPENT.Truly an amazing night, with an amazing lady.  No longer do I have an asian fantasy, she now has a face, a name, a feel and a taste, my fantasy has walked into my life.  Her name is Arianny Koda and she MUST be experienced to understand the extent of her talents.  I will be back, when my needs can be satiated only by a vixen with such wild abandon, coupled with the sweetest personalities I have experienced, there can be only one.  Arianny!! Remember that name


Posted 04 November 2012 – 09:13 PM
I saw Arianny in Melb a couple of weeks ago. After reading her reviews I approached this punt with a little trepidation. Arianny  offers a full on PSE and I am more of a GFE man. Anyway I loved reading her website, very forthright girl so I though WTF….Just Do It!!!When I first saw Arianny I was very impressed. Hot looking girl and very friendly. We had a little chat, Arianny is a smart young lady and knows what she wants and how to get it.There are lots of great reviews on AK so I wont go into all of the details but I will say this…her boast of being the “Blow Job Queen” is absolutely 100% spot on. Arianny was deep throating me and licking my balls at the same time. Full on licking… moving between both balls while my little mate was all the way down her throat. This girl is fucking talented. She loves giving BJs and I would say I have not experienced better. She takes BBBJ to a whole new level IMHO.Very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the new Porn Star Minx – Kitty Arianny.

 The Imp

Posted 11 November 2012 – 06:19 PM

I’m walking across the CBD toward AK’s hotel when I receive a message asking me to bring some condoms as the ones she has with her “are a bit too weak”. This should have served as an omen of the intense session that was ahead of me!Stopping in at a quick-e-mart on the way I pick up a “six pack” of the most boring Ansells on offer and I’m standing at the counter feeling like a 17 year old all over again.  This too, should have served as an omen of the intense session that was ahead of me!   I’m nervous as hell; what if someone I know sees me in here?  What excuse am I going to come up with at short notice?  All good, and I’m in and out without any fuss.The walk across town helps me calm my nerves a little, and it’s only a short wait in the lobby before I receive the room number and head up.I’m pulled inside the room by the stunning Arianny and greeted with some intensely passionate kissing.  Dragged into the bedroom she immediately starts undressing me.  She starts stripping me and gives me a quick once over (the famous health check).  “Are you nervous?””Yes, a little!”  I reply… nervously.”How about now?”  AK is on all fours on the bed flashing her pussy at me from under her skirt as I head past her toward the shower.”A lot less, now!”  I jump in the shower for as quick a shower as possible.  I’m a little suprised by the heat of the water, and gradually cool it down until it’s at an acceptable level, albeit stil hot.AK tells me to hurry up, she “wants cock!”  Not one to keep a lady waiting, I get out as quick as I can.  I’m ambushed as I exit the shower with the mother of all BBBJ’s.  The back of her throat hits the head off my cock so forecfully that I literally have to steady myself on the bathroom counter to stop myself being knocked offf my feet.  And before I even have time to take this in, I’m overwhelmed by the sensation of hot tea surrounding my shaft and working its way up to my knob.  AK withdraws, slurping hot tea on to the floor mat below us, staring at me all the while with those beautiful hazel eyes.We move into the bedroom for some more BBBJ before she lies back and demands I fuck her.  Still a little dazed and confused from the hot shower and hot tea ambush, I move between her thighs and enter her, moving slowly.  She gives me a look of disapproval for the speed and demands I fuck her harder.  I start pumping away and it’s not long before I start regretting the hot shower.  I have sweat pouring down my face, and once it starts dripping onto her breasts I have to take a breather… under the circumstances I blame courtesy toward AK for the break, but truth is, if I don’t stop for a glass of water, I’m going ot pass out from heat stroke.We take a breather and I down about 3 glasses of water.  AK takes the opportunity to set the spa running, and we share some easy conversation.  AK is great to talk to, and can immediately put the most nervous punter at ease.  Talking to AK is a bit like catching up with a mate for a drink at the pub… if you’re mate just happened to be a hot as fuck eurasian tomboy with an insatiable craving for cock…. your cock.Into the spa and after a few more glasses of water, AK whips out a bottle of French vodka and asks if I’d like to do a few shots with her.  We only get through one round before I’m dragged back into the bedroom for more fucking.  Again I have to take a break.  AK suggest some room service.”Room service please…. yes… the chicken and the barramundi…. For dessert?  Him.”  (Apparently the response was “I’m sorry we don’t have that on the menu” :lol:).More BBBJ and more hard fucking, switching between missionary and doggy, back to missionary again.  AK moves her knees over my shoulders and demands it deeper and harder.  I’m pounding away like a man possessed at this stage and AK is making enough noise for the cops to be called, when there comes a knock at the door.“It’s room service” I say“They can wait, don’t stop” AK replies.I keep going hard, and AK doesn’t turn the volume down one bit.  Another knock at the door, and the thought of room service waiting at the door listening to us go at it like animals pushes me over the edge, and I loudly, almost violently release my load.The excellent staff have waited patiently the whole time and we’re soon sitting down watching one of AKs favourite tv shows together on her laptop.  I mention that I think I’ve just discovered I’m an exhibitionist and she calls me a fucking pervert, with a laugh.  AK has a great sense of humour and isn’t afraid to bag you out where you’ve earned it.  The conversation isn’t a case of her blowing smoke up your arse; it’s all genuine and sincere.  We lay on the couch together and AK tells me she needs a good snuggle, so we snuggle, and I’m told I’d better “snuggle the fuck out of her”.   After a while she tells me she wants to fuck again… guess I really did snuggle the fuck out of her:PWe go through this cycle a few more times; I can’t be sure how many, but we’ve cosumed the six pack and moved on to the thinner ones she had with her. She tells me she wants me to come on her, so I rip off the ‘dom and blow my load all over her stomach and chest, those eyes staring into mine all the while again.  A new experience for me, and a good one.

We share a shower together and somehow get on to the topic of comparing WLs to cars.  After some debate I decide that she’s not a car at all, but rather a Hayabusa superbike; she demands to be ridden hard, fast and loud… and by the time you get off you’ve got a 10 mile wide smile on your face, and you feel absolutely fucked!  I have sore muscles for the following two days in places that I didn’t even know muscles existed.

Walking in to my local coffee shop the next morning feeling absolutely fucked, I must have been wearing that 10 mile wide smile on my face.  “Hi, Smiley!” the girl behind the counter says, “Why so happy today?”  :D

“Oh, just looking forward to a coffee”B)



optimus prime

Posted 30 December 2012 – 11:47 AM

I saw Arianny for 2 fun filled hours.  The rate of $750 is half of what I paid.. unsure of 1 hour rate.  I booked the XXX PSE service I believe it is called.
Arianny offers, and delivers, a no-holds barred session of action that is as hard and fast as you want it.  Deepthroating queen is an understatement.  If i was longer, I reckon she would’ve kept going.  She force feeds herself your cock and stops at nothing until it is completely gone!!!
We fucked on the bed, on the floor, against the wall.  She told me to pull her hair, to slap her arse, to fill her pussy more and more.  She was so damn loud, but so damn sexy!
Round 1 finished with Arianny swallowing every drop I had to give.  Round 2 finished with me pounding away at her from behind.
If I could recall the exact sequence of events I would put it down here, but it was a whirlwind of a time and I just can’t remember how it played out exactly.
Arianny is fun and the sex is however you want it.  I wanted it great, and that is how it was.
Optimus says: YES!

chonchi83 revisited

Posted Yesterday, 01:59 PM (29th dec 2012)

She got to my room exactly on time. I opened the door and she smiled infectiously: “Mr Deepthroat, I remember you!” We embraced at the door, and DFK-ed. Few seconds later I had my pants down to my knees. AK walked me to the coffee table, laid down on her back and let her head hang over the edge. AK: “So you gonna fuck my throat like the last time?”

I was pushing my dick deeper and deeper down her throat and inserting my fingers into her pussy. I banged at her face furiously for the next 2 minutes, if that. She started moaning and that took me over the edge. I collapsed on top of her and couldn’t move. I could feel her mouth milking every single drop out of me. We stayed like that for few minutes. I pulled my cock out eventually, it was clean and still erect.

AK: “Harder you fucking cunt, harder!!!” With one hand around the back of her neck and other pulling her hair viciously I was standing next to the bed with AK in doggy position; her round ass was getting a severe pounding. Sweating profusely, I kept pounding like my life depended on it. AK was becoming louder. She exhaled a massive “ahhhhh” and a hot fluid hit the base of stomach. She blew all over my balls and collapsed on the bed. 2 jabs later and I was on top of her, my ballsack empty.

I looked at my watch. We were only 20 minutes into it and I was already 2 loads lighter. I rolled over and lay next to her. She curled around me with a smile on her face and said: “You made me cum, I’m really happy” We laid there for few minutes chatting. She had her head on my chest and was touching and kissing me gently. I responded.

We were kissing gently and having an intercourse mish style. The XXX has turned to PSE and we were truly enjoying it. I slowly started picking up speed for the next few minutes, then banging furiously at it. PSE left the building. She was moaning heavily now and thrusting herself against me. Not before long she came again. I followed a few jabs later.

I jumped into the shower and let the cold water run over me. AK came in and wrapped her soft arms around my body. She washed my back and I washed her … we embraced under the cold water kissing each other. I was erect again.

Standing in the middle of my living room with AK upside down, we were pleasuring each other in standing 69 position. Her young sweet pussy was getting my blood boiling again. I was alternating between her date and her mate sticking my tongue deep into her asshole. Few minutes later she was riding me reverse cowgirl, my shaft deep into her ass… she was riding hard. She kept slamming me, slamming me hard. She came again, this time with a loud scream and collapsed backwards. She took the dom off and inhaled my cock into her mouth. As my knob was getting acquainted with her tonsils, base of my balls was getting a tingle from her tongue ring. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I pulled out and unleashed another load all over her face this time. As she was eating my balls I cleaned her face with my knob and eventually worked that cum into her mouth. She obliged with a cheeky smile. I really felt like I tamed this kitten.
… I looked around the empty room and reflected on the past 70+ minutes of my life. I tried to write a conclusion to this series of extraordinary events. However, I opted against it and instead I decided to describe it with one word.

TheImp revisted

December 21 2012… end of the world…. or something…
After my romp with AK back in Adelaide back in November 2012 we had maintained fairly regular textual contact, and exchanged a few emails while she was overseas.  I think it’s fair to say we hit it off during that initial meeting and have maintained a friendship since.
During one such textual encounter, while I was out drinking with friends one Friday night, AK suggested that next time we catch up we should enjoy a few more drinks together and hit up a few strip clubs.  At the time I laughed it off as a bit of flirting and an unrealistic fantasy…. but the seeds were sown, and I found myself thinking more and more about the idea.  The end of the world scenario was the final self-rationalisation that I came up with to force myself to seize the day.
Obviously it’s not something I could achieve in a small town like Adelaide, so arrangements were made to visit AK in her home town of Melbourne for an overnighter.  All I had to do was book my flights, AK took care of the rest like a good PA would….
More texts leading to the date and I was practically bursting with excitement like a kid waiting for Xmas.  I needed an advent calendar!  Many sexy texts leading up to the date and I was seriously struggling to keep my hands off myself.
Arriving at Melbourne airport I was greeted at the gate by AK’s driver who took my bags to the car and drove me into town.  The logistics were very relaxed and discrete.  There was a sealed envelope waiting for me in the car with a note from AK:
Tonight’s the night I let you know Tonight’s the night we lose control Tonight you need that, tonight believe that Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had
Key card waiting for me at reception and I’ve entered the room with an announcement of “Honey, I’m home!” (as per request from AK).
Greeted with a kiss and a grope, I jump into the shower and I’m greeted by PA Arianny, sporting those glasses, which I had previously let her know really turned me on.  AK has spread herself on the bed on her back, dangling her head over the edge and inviting me to fuck her face.  What happened next I can’t fully recall; it was a blur of deep throat and hard fucking on the bed, before AK suggested we move to the couch.
AK got on all fours on the couch and demanded I give her a good hard fucking from behind, with instructions to pull out and come on her face when I was ready.  Needless to say it wasn’t long before I was ready, and I blew what AK referred to as the biggest load she had ever seen on her face, over her face, in her hair, clearing her head and soaking into the couch!  I guess it was the end result of keeping my hands off myself all that time… and those glasses on that face :wub: .  AK had to remove her glasses to move to the bathroom as they were completely coated and she would have been stumbling around the hotel room like Mr Magoo.
We had a laugh afterward about how quickly my cum soaked into the couch, and that it was probably a requirement of the hotel couch selection process that they were able to soak up cum…. A committee of interior designers standing around the final 5 choices, all happy with the fabric, colour and design… “Steve!  Get in here, and give these things a test run!” :lol:
We had another round of hard fucking before going out to dinner at Nobu.  This is one of AK’s favourites restaurants, and she took control of ordering a selection of wonderful dishes and large sake to share.  AK was dressed in a very hot green dress which barely covered the top of her thighs, and nothing underneath.  We had to slow down a few times while walking from the cab to the restaurant as her dress kept riding up :D   In the restaurant we were lucky enough to share a corner bench seat, allowing us easy acces to each other.  A couple of old blokes on the table next to us weren’t paying much attention to their lady friends that night.  Be warned here; if you’re the paranoid type, this experience will not be for you… unless of course you skip town like I did and head to a city where nobody knows you.  Nobu has unisex individual bathrooms, and AK suggested we head into one for a quickie at one point but even with the anonymity of Melbourne I chickened out…. regrets.
Back to the room and we had a planned itinerary: 1. More hard fucking 2. Spa to freshen up 3. Hit the strip clubs on King Street
…. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  After so much fucking and such a sensual, relaxing spa together, I was close to falling asleep in the spa.  With anyone else I don’t think this would have occurred, but AK demands such a hard fuck that I was absolutely spent at this point.  She simply loves cock and can’t get enough of it.
The next morning we fucked again before ordering in some room service for breakfast.  Scoffed it down in time to make it out for a speedboat tour of Melbourne. Knowing my keen interest in motorsport AK had tried to arrange a track day for us, but unfotunately the options she had checked out were all unavailable on Fridays.  The speedboat tour was a great backup plan, and with adrenaline pumping we actually hopped off early at St Kilda with the plan of hitting Luna Park… which turned out to be closed too… sigh.  Enjoyed a walk along the beachfront before catching a tram back into town for a very late lunch.
Lunch happened to be just across the road from a purikura place, where we took a few cheeky shots together (stay tuned udated avatar on its way). AK also managed to drag me into a peep show joint, which also, was effectively closed… probably for the best :ph34r:
By this stage, the overnighter was turning into a two-nighter, and flights were rescheduled to the next day.  While on the phone with the airline I was told to hurry the fuck up and get in the spa….
Fucking in the spa was an incredible highlight.  Standing up with AK bracing herself against the wall and going at it as hard a I could (without slipping over and breaking my neck) while viewing the whole thing in the large mirror across the room was real treat.  Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and pulled out, again blowing on AK’s beautiful face with those eyes looking up at me just begging for it. Faaaaaaaaaaark me B)
After the spa and a quick break , we were back into it.  This time going greek.  AK invited me to undertake some anal play with her butt plug to begin with.  The sight of her plug moving slowly into her arsehole and pulling it gently back out blew my mind, particularly with AK being so responsive to it.  After removing it for the last time, AK’s arse was looking lonely and pining for cock.  Obliging we went at it slowly at first building up to a hard pace in doggy before AK requested we swap to missionary anal, so we could make out at the same time.  This was an incredibly intimate experience; long, slow, hard thrusts with sensual kissing and staring into those hazel eyes… I could get lost in them :wub:
Another break for room service before yet another hard fucking session before heading out to the strippers.  This session focused on doggy, with some anal play thrown in at the same time for good measure.  Eventually I had to raise a white flag and surrender; AK demands it so hard and fast that by the end of it I could barey stand.  Bending my knees resulted in some serious shaking of the legs.  I was a wreck.  Rolling over at this stage revealed the biggest, wettes,t wet patch of a woman’s cum I have ever seen on a bed.  Arianny absolutely loves being rammed hard from behind with her arse vulnerably pointing up in the air.  The memory will be burnt into my mind for a long time to come.
A quick rest, some redbull, and it was time to get ready for our planned trip to the strippers.  At this point I was greeted by an absolute vision of horniness.  If I hadn’t already been drained dry, I don’t think I would have been able to leave the room!
First stop, Spearmint Rhino.  A fat wad of stripper dollars, front row, and drinks in hand… I swear to god, AK was turning more heads than the girls working there.  After both drinking far too much, we decided to make a move to Centrefolds down the road…. where we had more to drink.  Front row again, and tipping seemed to be much more appreciatively responded to here.  AK was getting a lot of attention again, and the guy next to me celebrating his 18th birthday, couldn’t believe my luck!
Moving out again to head to another establishment, and it was clear that we’d both had way too much to drink and it was time to head home.
Back in the room and AK demanded to be pleasured; anal play, intense DATY and a good, deep rimming thrown in for good measure.  This was a first for me and I found it incredibly erotic…. what can I say… she loves it, and I love to please :blush: Finished off again with some good hard fucking.
We both awoke the next day feeling sorry for ourselves, and I had to make a fairly quick exit to catch my flight :(
Reading over this review before posting, I’ve realised that the logging of these events really don’t do them justice.  Spending the day with Arianny was truly a delight, she’s wonderful company and has a great sense of humour.  Strangely enough, the tram ride from St Kilda back into town still remains as a highlight for me.
Fucking Arianny is what sex should be like.  It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s incredibly erotic, and she fucking loves it.  It’s what I always imagined sex to be like before I’d ever had the chance to be somewhat disappointed by the mundanities of sex in the real world.  I’d always assumed that I just had incredibly unrealistic expectations from watching porn, but the truth is I just hadn’t met Arianny yet. ;)


Posted 15 January 2013 – 12:38 PM
I sit waiting in the lobby of the apartment complex, trying my best to keep my nerves under control. I am about to meet a girl who, at the age of 21, already has a substantial reputation behind her and is probably more skilled than the majority of WLs older than her! Soon enough, I hear the sound of heels approaching behind me. I turn around, and my first thought is “Wow!” There stands a woman dressed in a stunning white outfit which hugs her figure perfectly, accentuating her curves and showing off her assets in spectacular fashion – especially that gorgeous round arse, which I swear is unparalleled to any other woman’s that I’ve seen. This can only be the renowned sex kitten herself, Miss Arianny Koda!We greet each other with some DFK (very tasty lips), and hand in hand, or arm in arm, we make our way to her apartment. I’m not sure who designed this building, but when the route to an apartment involves going through a car-park, “convenient access” can’t possibly have been on their minds. Of course, AK finds the lighter side of it, saying it’s like a James Bond apartment – well-hidden where no one can find us ;) She’s got a good way of looking at things, this girl!We finally make it, and waste no time in finding our way to the bedroom. AK lies down on the bed, doing her best to entice me, and I’d be a fool to resist! I begin to caress her curves and explore her neck and lips with my own pair. Obviously, I attempt access to her concealed (and much more desirable) parts, but she teasingly stops me, “Not just yet!” However, I am permitted to smack her arse (more on this delightful asset later) and then I am made to strip naked and dispatched for a quick shower while she changes into something more appropriate.Upon my return, I find her on the bed in a fishnet bodysuit with a short skirt (or something like that, anyway!)  I pick up where I left off, kissing and necking and feeling my way around, as the pair of us get more and more excited. I free her tits and begin dining on her gorgeous nipples as my hand finds its way to her delectable pussy. Naturally, this leads to some DATY which, together with nipple stimulation and some rimming, soon has her moaning like mad! The favour gets returned as I am treated to one of her famous deep-throat blowjobs! She works my cock vigorously, definitely more than any other girl has so far, anyway! The effect on me proves to be too much in the end, and I find myself depositing a huge load on those gorgeous tits – saving it up for a couple of days obviously works :)  We quickly realise we’re going to be late for dinner, but fear not – there’s a wonderful dessert to follow ;)Another quick shower to clean up (this time shared with AK, so it’s infinitely better!) and off to the restaurant Wasabi Teppanyaki, which has two large banquet tables for people into that sort of thing where the chef prepares all the food in a rather theatrical style, surrounded by tables for two. We take a table for two located in the corner (the corner being AK’s preference), and although there’s a Broadway-style show of food preparation going on behind me, it’s nothing compared to the sexy vision in front of me, back in that gorgeous white outfit which leaves very little to the imagination, and that’s where my attention stays! AK took over the ordering of dishes, although it initially took a while to get some service – even when she’s pissed off, there’s something sexy as hell about her! After that though, the food was very quick to arrive, and the variety and deliciousness of it all more than made up for it! AK treats me to a much-needed lesson on chopstick use, and to my amazement, it only takes me about 15 minutes to become fairly fluid with them (when you read this, AK, you’ll be happy to hear I ate the leftovers at home with chopsticks and didn’t drop a single thing once – it does become second nature after a while!)Back to the apartment, where we unwound with some Moet on the sofa and engaged in brief conversation before letting our hands (and lips) do most of the talking! With a soft rug in front of us, AK decides we should make the most of it, and before I can say “shag-pile” (predictable, I know, but there you go), we’re naked on the rug where I decide to commence intense exploration of AK’s fantastic arse, and more importantly, arsehole! I spread her cheeks and probe that gorgeous orifice with every ounce of energy my tongue can muster. She absolutely loves it, telling me being rimmed is her weakness – and rimming girls is mine! Not wanting to stop, she brings out one of her friendly vibrating dildos to assist in the process, and our combined efforts (but mainly with my “golden tongue”, as she later called it) get her over the line spectacularly! Time for more physical action, and remaining on the very soft rug, we commence RCG (love watching that arse bounce up and down on my cock – yes, I’m obsessed with it!)We eventually begin to feel the impact of the air conditioning, so we switch it off and retire to the warmer bedroom, where I again indulge in my favourite kinky desire and dine out on that arsehole once again – and if her enthusiastic moaning is anything to go by, I don’t think she minds! I tell her she’s a whore and a slut, she naturally agrees, and I add “only sluts get off from having their arse eaten out!” Sadly, my overindulgence at dinner (only the second time in my life I’ve had Japanese) took its toll, and I was unfortunately able to find the energy to give her another fucking – lesson learned, however! I therefore committed myself to pleasuring her in any other way I could, my favourite moment being when AK planted herself on my face and smothered me while I attempted to massage her tits and suck on her clit – I really am uncovering the dirtier side of myself, but who better to do it with, right?We soaked up the remaining few minutes snuggling on the bed, and ended up looking up my Japanese starsign and laughing about what related to me and what didn’t! I also asked about those famous glasses of hers – turns out someone sat on them and broke them and (if I recall correctly) didn’t offer to pay for them! Selfish bastard – although I’m sure AK can think of worse names to call them!When the time came to redress and make my way back out into the real world, I spent most of the process eyeing AK’s delicious naked form, and made sure to give it a little bit of extra attention on my way out (love pressing her up against the wall) ;)Maybe next time we’ll explore my kinkier side some more – there’s no one better I can think of to do it with than the revolutionary AK!If you made it to the end, my apologies for the length of this review. I haven’t yet figured out how to condense a lot of detail into a short piece of writing, and there are probably still a few things I’ve forgotten to mention anyway. Thanks for reading – but a much bigger thanks to AK for a wonderful evening!


Posted 22 January 2013 – 10:22 PM

Arianny Koda (AK) VS Avtomatik Kalashnikov (AK-47) – similarities and differences


When other rifles can’t handle it because it’s too wet or dirty the AK keeps going. And not just once but round after round. Watch out for kickback if not handled properly and both can destroy a hotel room in minutes.


The old model had a nice curved magazine but the new one has curves in all the right places.
Cheap construction left the old model heavy, easily copied and produced where the new one is a quality one of a kind.

Loose tolerances allowed the ‘47 to cycle through multiple rounds with the occasional jam.
But this AK is tight in all facets and absolutely shines when wet and dirty never jamming.

She has a rimfire capability as she goes off with a bang when her rim is excited. When she gets particularly excited she can handle something of a bigger gauge. Be careful as her butt bucks with a serious recoil each launch of the full rubber jacket.

Her deep throat pump action is well lubricated and kept going until I let off a load into her mouth.

What calibre? Elite!


Posted 22 March 2013 – 04:05 PM
I’m not big on descriptive messages but definately thought AK was worth the time to post a quick review. I always wanted to experience a deep throat bj and in fact had organised a previous punt specifically to give it a try. The previous one was with another private escort and ended up not really worth reviewing, in fact it made me wonder why i decided to punt at all. Fast forward a few months and curiosity once again started to kick in and i found  myself reading through Adrianny Kodas reviews. Well after a few quick emails and a bit of waiting due to AK busy schedule i eventually booked in a night away with her.All i can say is this girl CAN DEEP THROAT…. was great fun to be with and although my night didnt go totally to plan it was well worth the high price tag this talented young girl puts on herself. as her other reviews say she likes to fuck and does it well.So if anyone is sitting on the edge of the fence wondering if Ms Koda is worth it…. stop wondering and jump… you wont regret it.

Docrichard round 2

Posted 20 March 2013 – 11:45 PM
Well here I was, coming off a rough last few months personally with punting the furthest thing from my mind, heading into Formula one week in Melbourne.  I needed a break, serious alcohol and a solid vibe with some friends.  One night in chat just yarning as usual and up pops the sexy kitty, AK, blowjob queen Arianny Koda.  Extended the hi’s and hello’s in chat and started a nice bit of playful banter in private.  Having seen AK in 2012 it was always my intent to see her again and somewhere in the conversation we found that we had an aligned date.  Given the silly schedule I had in store, a very late midnight meet was organised.  Just like that I had a date with a lady that literally blew me away the last time we met.  PUN INTENDED.On comes the big night and again here I am waiting by the elevator trying to will the doors open.  Ping … the door slides open and there is my Asian bombshell in a figure painted dress.  A brief kiss and some cheeky touching and we’re off to the room.Once there the whirlwind that was an hour with AK commenced.  After a quick shot of orange juice and whiskey followed by a shower I bounded out in my towel.  There was AK in her naughty schoolgirl skirt showing off that firm, phat, juicy arse.  Not one for wasting time, AK removes my towel and my cock was at attention, cock ring firmly in place (with AK you need to bring the ammunition).  A wry smile and a glance of those gorgeous hazel eyes and she swallows my cock in one swoop.  I missed that so much, the feeling of her warm mouth wrapping around my cock, the head rooted to the back of her throat as she spit and blew me to ecstasy.  After some amazingly wet and sloppy oral, spit glistening between her gorgeous tits it was time to fuck those gorgeous orbs.  The feeling of my cock sliding between her tits as she squeezed them together was magic.AK knew what she wanted and she proceeded on the bed, on all fours, that beautiful ass in the air.  She loves a good rimming and I was happy to indulge her weakness.  I attacked that sweet tasting, juicy ass with abandon.  My tongue explored her asshole and pussy as her vibrator went off on her clit. After several minutes of an amazingly satisfying oral workout on her I felt her holes begin to rhythmically contract as her orgasm built and with a loud moan she came, and came hard, her pussy glistening wet and swollen.After about maybe 30 seconds of recovery it was a blur of doggy style, cowgirl, domination, hair pulling slamming fucking.  This wasn’t making love folks …  this was hard ramming, pussy stretching, leg breaking awesomeness as only AK can deliver. Every time you think you match her pace she demands more.  Be warned boys, she is insatiable.  After fucking in multiple positions and making her cum again orally, my legs were spent and I needed a break.She set the spa going and we fucked again while the water filled.  I can never tire of watching her juicy arse ripple as I bang into her hard, fast and relentlessly.  She is amazing.  Well another break was needed and we retired to the spa and relaxed.  What followed was why I love spending time with AK, we settled into the nicest conversation, relaxing, pace down, our skin brushing gently in the warm water.My time was coming to an end and we decided to leave the spa.  I sat on the edge as she emerged from the bubbles her sweet body glistening.  I beckoned her to my engorged cock and she smiled and swallowed him to the hilt.  Grinding the head deep into the back of her throat as I watched her beautiful arse bouncing out of the sudsy water, like a glorious island oasis.  Such is the magnificence of her arse.We retired to the bedroom in bathrobes where she continued a sensual assault on my cock.  I felt my orgasm building as she flicked the head of my cock, spit on my shaft and swallowed me whole repeatedly, her hands magically stroking the cum out of my cock.  Finally no more could be taken and I unleashed an almighty thick load of cum all over her face and chin, ultimately coating her tits completely.  She smiled a wide smile my cum a welcome reward for her incredible effort.As we cuddled and chatted after the cleanup it was unfortunately time to enter the real world once again and we parted ways.  What a woman, an amazingly sensual, sexy, sexually uninhibited titan.  She is a great friend and just the therapy I needed to get some clarity with a fantasy AK attack.  Eat your wheaties boys as she is absofuckinglutely insatiable.  AK you know what’s next on our play list.  Hope you’re ready for it, I know I am :-) .


Posted Yesterday, 06:08 PM april
I’ve been thinking of checking this girl out for a long time, and it was this January that finally she was visiting Adelaide and I could sneak out one evening.The booking and directions to the hotel were swift but she delayed the booking by an hour just about an hour before the actual booking was to start- this annoyed me a bit but then I thought I’ll only enjoy the experience better if she is well relaxed and freshened up.We met at her hotel room- an executive suite- at the time decided and as soon as entered the room the wild session started. She disrobed to reveal excellent red lingerie underneath, we played around a bit, a little peck here and there- she felt me out and she jumped on the bed with her back to me- giving me some naughty looks and asked me to spank her- I obliged. Only after a bit of spanking and heavy petting I was gently reminded of the business transactions which were taken care of swiftly.A quick shower and we were soon into it.THE MOST AMAZING BLOW JOB I HAVE EVER HAD!!
This girl knows her way around the dick and the balls and knows how to use every part of her mouth, hands and all- wettest, sloppiest, deepest, wildest blowjob it was. Lying down, sitting up, standing on bed, standing by bedside while she lay flat with neck hanging off the bed upside down (my fav)- can’t recollect how many different positions she used just to suck it! And then came the ‘Tea-trick’ where she sipped some hot tea and then gave me a bit more of BJ- that soft warm mouth felt heavenly. I could’ve just have her suck me for the entire time but we had other holes to fill.We moved to covered straignt sex and she kept goading me to ravage her more and more violently- I couldnt believe how much pounding this girl was asking for- I was actually not rough enough for her. Eventually I exploded my first load and needed a bit of time to catch my breath, but not this girl- she took out some vibrators and asked me to help along while lubing her boobs- playing around with her lubed boobs and helping out with the vibrator while she touched herself as well and she came explosively as well.We had a little tea-break and then she sucked me again for another go- and after the whole session with a wide variety of positions and excitement again, as I was about to cum, she pulled off the condom and lay down next to me and took it all in her mouth and on her face.
We made time of booking by the minute- or may be ran a bit over- went for a shower together and then said good byes.This girl can squeeze you out. Have a RedBull before you see her and take all your manhood and some more!


Posted 19 July 2013 – 06:02 PM
PreludeDecision Process to Book…I have been following Arianny on Facebook for a couple months now. And some of the Photo’s she puts on Facebook Wow. Then As I am heading overseas for a few weeks…
Flying out on the Saturday morning, I had decided to book accommodation in the CBD… for Friday Night… Then a Quick trip to the Airport in the Morning.
Then I started to think, who can I have a little fun with.. Time for someone new…
Then smack wright on cue AK puts up a new Photo…. A little read of her reviews Decision made… ;)The Booking…Arianny responded very quickly to my email… I normally prefer to give a couple of dates… But as I only had the Hotel room one Night… I knew she was on tour around the date I had sent her.
But as it turned out she was happy to accommodate me with the date and time… So all locked in…
And a deposit transferred… Which I am more than happy to do…
Let’s go with in her words :- “2 hour cumfest playromp (‘PERFECT’ for the ULTIMATE experience!)… :)”Then less than a day before the play date I get a phone call from overseas… (Work) Can I delay my departure for a week… Shit bugger bum… Flights changed – Yes at their expense…
At that point I decided, are what the hell – keep the accommodation as is… And have a nice sleep in.The Main EventA few texts in the morning and afternoon to confirm… all is good…
Then the knock at the door…
Door opens… To see this very lovely Gorgeous Young lady in front of me Dressed in a very very tight low cut dress… and very lovely Shoes Wow… …Arianny greeted me with a lovely kiss and cuddle… We made our way to the couch… A little Conversation about both our life’s… a glass of bubbles… cuddling – Exploring and some serious DFK… …
This Young Lady goes from 0 to 100 in seconds… But yes, it says this more or less in her reviews… So I was sorta ready for it… So more Wheaties +++Then things really start to get hot very quickly… Clothes just start flying off… As we make our way to the bedroom… Then straight into some DATY and playing with those lovely breasts,
And also one of her very lovely toys was added to the mix… Then the sounds, I would have to say that she was enjoying herself…;)
Then Next I am on my back and Dipper Jnr is getting some serious attention…And yes Dipper Jnr keeps disappearing all together (AK certainly is a deep throat queen)…
AK does like eye contact and she looks hot… And this is all Wow…
While this is happening I am playing with her lovely wet Pussy… This did go on for a bit… Then next straight into Doggy… Then the demands for harder faster, I am really enjoying this…
And the Dirty Talk starts getting louder and loader… Then into some mish, cw, rcw, then into 69, where I finally blow moments after AK Climaxed… what a rush.B)Then next I was surprised but very happy… The after sex cuddle, and yes I do like being the big spoon kisses and talk. Then I brought up a topic that I knew that Arianny was passionate about – Animals…
Or more particularly dogs… At this moment I am living in a one bedroom apartment…
I have been requested to move out (Shit yes it’s a rental) so in a few weeks moving into a house with a back yard… Once that happens I will be getting a dog… Really just talking about the different breads…
And all the animals she has at the moment… And then her Rabbits…:)…But wait there is more sex. Anyway after about 15 minutes dipper jnr comes back to life Arianny Spots this and she immediately Jumps my bones again…
Straight into some deep throat, after a bit then into doggy, mish, cw, then into spoon that’s when I explode…  B)Then into some more cuddles.. more talk and by this time we have gone way over time…
( From the sounds of it AK was having problems confirming her next date…) Arianny had a shower, Got dressed,
Then she gave me one last kiss and cuddles and disappeared out of sight. Yes unfortunately all good things come to an end.The ConclusionAll in all a fantastic evening. Arianny is a lovely Young lady and she definitely goes from 0 to 100 in seconds.
I slept really well that night… Actually woke up pretty late for me…One question… Will I return.. YES definitely…

Charlie B

Sent via Email 11th July 2012

Arianny, arianny, arianny…. How do I describe such a remarkable beautiful young woman?

She is a stand out!!! The moment I walked through the door I felt as if I was in a porn movie. She licked my knob, deepthroated it and spat everywhere! What a dirty girl!

I pounded her little ass whilst she was playing with her clit, begging me to go harder, begging me to stretch her little hole out!!

I couldn’t take it anymore so I took my cock out of her gaping hole, stuck my tongue in it and wanked myself off. Needless to say she was screaming of pleasure… a wonderful sound.

She mentioned that she has become an anal pro and really enjoys it. I look forward to rimming her hole and filling it up more so in the near future! Best hour of my life.

Arianny you gem!