Who am I


Sweat pours down your forehead…

Chest panting
You look down at the curvy figure bent on her knees
Sultry hazel eyes look up at you, eagerly sucking and desperately wanting to please you
You’ve longed for this
You’ve waited
You deserve it
You reach out and grab her blonde tresses
Her makeup that she spent hours perfecting for you has smeared all over your knob
Dripping of saliva
“So close…” you think
An eruption builds up inside of you
So close…


I love pleasuring my lovers….Especially with my mouth.

Let me introduce myself….

My name is Arianny Koda,

I was born in Melbourne, Australia from a Japanese Father and French-Australian Mother. I am proudly Australian and possess an educated city accent.

Being somewhat of a cultural rebel as my values tend to be typically Japanese but my personality is open-minded and Western. This greatly comes into play when I’m entertaining you.

Due to my mixed upbringing, I am highly versatile.

I can arrive at high end establishments possessing the image of a woman of glitz and glamour, showering you with the genuine hospitality and respect taught from my Japanese background.

Or I can cater to a more relaxed and fun night in filled with sexy dirty talk and laughter as a true aussie girl can.

I have an innate sense of reading what my lovers prefer as to create the perfect chemistry, adorning you with the best of my personality.

My cheeky and playful personality that compliments my unique look.

My looks are of a rarity. I proudly represent a blend of Eastern and Western influences which are both exotic and striking. I am ONE of the only genuine Eurasian escorts in Australia.

From my large hazel eyes, to my button nose and luscious lips, I have a face of dolls. Freckles adorn my cheeks and my cheeky smile raises my dimples, I love to laugh. Follow down to my natural, soft and supple 34 E/F cup breasts that love to be touched and licked. My waist is tight and my hips round. Continue down to my bald small kitty that becomes so easily wet when excited. My ass is deliciously round and firm. I’m a true curvy girl standing at 5’7 /170cm tall. Have your way with me, baby.

Because of my unique look, I’ve been lucky enough to gracefully accompany many lovers on overseas travel bookings and being host to numerous legendary overnights/weekends (which I’m known for). These experiences have shaped me to become the all-rounder enthusiastic XXX companion and provider I am today. I will provide you with a deep gratification of your inner sexual desires as well as the ultimate experience that you so deserve.


Now that you know my pedigree: What kind of slut do you think I am?

“I live for sex. 

I celebrate it, and relish the electricity of it, with every fiber of my being. 

I can see no better reason for being alive.”

I am at the top of the pedestal for my wet and hungry Deepthroat. Being called the “Australian Deepthroat Queen” from public forums years ago, I set the standard for exquisite and genuine Deepthroat.

I am one of the most reputable XXX Elite Companions in the world. Flawless Reputation and Beautifully SLUTTY…

As a lover, I’m hungrily submissive yet demanding. I aim to please and demand to be pleased.  My big doll eyes light up mischievously when ignited with sexual desire. I’m lustful and giving, moaning in delight at the thrust of your hips that make my ovaries ache in deep pleasure…

I’m waiting for you…

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